A Smile is Now a Snap!

Chavis Dental is now providing “Snap On Smiles.”  Change your smile quickly and painlessly for that special event! Learn how easy this non-invasive procedure can change your whole attitude.

Smile! You’re on someone’s mind . . .

A smile defines a personality. At Chavis Dental we tap into your personalilty to create the perfect smile.  According to CBS, “Smiling has a number of benefits, including helping you present a more-positive image to others, calming you, and actually making you feel happier. So why not foster some smiling in your office to build morale and lift up your team?Say thank-you often, offer compliments, tell your co-workers and employees how much you appreciate them. Take a few minutes to do that each day and watch what happens.And for some inspiration, check out this award-winning short film by Kurt Kuenne.” It’s fabulous — and guaranteed to make you smile.>>